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131HUMBERSIDEROOF.jpg (22300 bytes)

This deteriorated flat roof, next to good looking shingles, is why we make every reasonable effort to physically get ON a roof. If this house had only been inspected from the ground, this costly deteriorated roof and amateur flashing between the shingles and flat roof would not have been discovered before it was too late for the purchaser.


This flat roofing material has been installed too tightly. With a snow load, it is likely to split and leak. This was an error on the part of the roofer and should be corrected as soon as possible.



This modified roof design does not promote good drainage of water. It was leaking inside.

This original roof design does not promote good drainage of water. Visible in this picture is an accumulation of snow the morning after a very light snowfall. This roof is vulnerable to ice damming and water leakage.  It was not found to be leaking on the day of the inspection, but it should be monitored closely for excess snow accumulation in the winter.


BAD PLACE FOR A ROOF VENT.jpg (23574 bytes)

This is a BAD location for a roof vent. This downspout will be pouring all its water at the vent, which could end up leaking into the house if there is enough water flow.  Alternatively, an extension could be added to the downspout so it discharges its water directly into the lower eavestrough.

ERM ALLIGATORING.jpg (21845 bytes)

This flat roofing rubber membrane is full of cracks and could literally leak anytime. This material should be replaced now, to protect against the possibility of leaks and expensive water damage below this roof.


COLDSTREAM VENTS 1.jpg (31974 bytes)

These roof vents had been 'attacked' by raccoons.  They needed to be fixed/replaced immediately, or there will be expensive water damage consequences the next time it rains.

MCRAE TREE BRANCHES.jpg (38566 bytes)

These tree branches are too close to the roof. Apart from the possibility for them to physically damage the roof.  They can be used by squirrels, raccoons etc. to get on the roof and into the attic or chimney of this home (see previous picture).  Tree branches should be pruned at least six feet away from a roof to allow good ventilation and hinder animal access.


chimney - wildwood2.jpg (35355 bytes)

This chimney damage could only have been discovered by actually going up on the roof.  The exact cause of this damage remains unknown to the inspector, but the client was able to get it corrected while it was a relatively minor item to fix.

Photo Gallery Courtesy of Tim Purtill (Canspec Home Services Ltd)

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