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This is a picture of a gas water heater installed next to a gas furnace. The opening in furnace ductwork, in the center of the picture, is sucking a large volume of air into the furnace when the furnace fan is running. The problem here is that the air being sucked in to the furnace  at this duct opening can suck all the carbon monoxide from the gas water heater into the furnace, when then distributes it throughout the house. This is a very serious safety concern that should be addressed immediately, for the safety of the home's occupants.  The most annoying thing about what you see in this picture is that the water heater was installed barely a month before the home inspection, by peopled supposedly trained in the safe operation and installation of gas appliances.


This picture of soot blow back on and around this water heater temperature sensor is an indication of a serious malfunction and deterioration inside this water heater. This is a serious safety hazard that should immediately be investigated and corrected by a qualified specialist.


This plumbing pipe is leaking sewage gas inside this home. (which explains the not so funny smell in this basement)  It should be capped immediately, for safety sake. Sewage gas cannot only sicken people in the home but, in the right concentrations, it can be flammable and explosive.

This plumbing vent pipe in the middle of a roof top deck is venting noxious sewage gas. It should be raised in height so that the tenants can safely use this rooftop deck again, without getting sick


51-34-kitchen leak.jpg (23591 bytes)

The blue basin in this picture was not placed there by coincidence. It is catching the water that was leaking from the plumbing under this sink. At least, it was helping keep the kitchen cabinet from deteriorating. Obviously, this leak should be fixed immediately.


This picture is of galvanized water supply piping. This piping is rusting and could leak any time. Galvanized pipe can attract insurance issues regarding price and even availability.

Photo Gallery Courtesy of Tim Purtill (Canspec Home Services Ltd)

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