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This basement renovation in progress was being done without a vapour barrier. All the drywall had to come off so the vapour barrier could be applied - To avoid moisture/mould/mildew developing in the walls.

This is a picture of a closet wall extensively damaged by mould. The humidifier on the furnace in this house was set at 60% plus. (Way too high. We recommend 25% max., winter only)  This damaged wall in this closet is also an exterior wall of this house. As a result, it is colder than the other walls in the closet. Add to that, the fact that this closet also contains the uninsulated access hatch to the attic, and you have a recipe for significant condensation and the resulting mould and damage.



This third floor window at these stairs needs a railing to protect against someone falling through the window three floors to the concrete walkway between these homes. The window is a standard thermal window. It is not a plate glass window. The railing should be installed in front of this window immediately, for safety and legal liability sake.


This gas fireplace vent goes through a closet filled with combustible clothes. Obviously, no consideration was given to fire safety or the welfare of the homes occupants. It is supposed to be contained inside a properly spaced enclosure. This installation needs to be correctly and safely completed by a qualified specialist, immediately.

54rouge Low insulation.jpg (15427 bytes) This brand new home was supposed to have Nine and a half inches of insulation. It only had five and a half inches.  Another good reason to have your NEW home inspected.

Photo Gallery Courtesy of Tim Purtill (Canspec Home Services Ltd)

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